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Web Design

We take web design pretty seriously at CodeCraft Digital Marketing, and your customers do too. Our philosophy is that the quality of a website’s design is a reflection of its owner’s insight. On top of this, we view a website as a way to make a good, lasting impression on potential customers.

We take pride in building and maintaining clean, professional websites with state-of-the-art interactive features that cater to your needs. Each website that we create is custom made with the latest industry trends and best practices. From concept strategy to launch, we work with you to achieve your particular goals and help your customers find you.

You’re the Boss.

You know your business better than anyone else, so why shouldn’t you have a say in your website’s content? Your website tells a unique story, and you get to decide how to communicate it to your site’s visitors.

What’s Included?

We’re glad you asked! Each of our websites comes with the following standard features:

Responsive Design

Mobile devices account for over half of global web traffic, so making sure your site’s content renders properly for these devices is crucial. Our web design expertise allows us to ensure that your website looks great on all devices, no matter the screen size. Learn more about responsive design here.

Photo Gallery/Portfolio

Showcase your product offerings, services, or completed projects in an interactive gallery.

Search Optimized Development

We build websites with search engines in mind so that your site has the biggest potential to be found by potential customers, right out of the gate. This also includes submitting your website to search engine databases.

Social Media Integration

The websites we create allow you to seamlessly link your social media accounts to provide up-to-date information. Showcase your latest posts, upload an Instagram image gallery, provide links to Twitter and Pinterest, and more!

Contact and Newsletter Forms

Contact and newsletter forms are a simple, but powerful way to keep in touch with your site’s visitors. Let your customers reach out to you to request quotes, and keep them up to date with new products, services, and announcements.