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Responsive Design

Staying Competitive in an Increasingly Mobile Webspace

Have you ever had trouble navigating a website on your phone or tablet? It’s frustrating, right? Bad content alignment, distorted images, long load times, unreadable text. These things are not exactly what you want in a mobile site, especially considering that over half of ALL web traffic comes from mobile devices. Fortunately, we at CodeCraft Digital Marketing know exactly how to combat these issues by implementing what’s known as Responsive Design.

What IS Responsive Design?

To put it into basic terms, responsive design is a web design practice that aims to make a website look and perform great across all screen sizes and devices. No matter what platform or operating system you browse with, we can make your website compatible.

responsive design

Benefits of Implementing Responsive Design



Designing a website takes a lot of time and costs money. However, designing a standalone mobile site in addition to a desktop site costs even more. With each web design project, we make sure your desktop site has everything you need while showing love to mobile users.

Better User Experience

Having a website that caters to users of all screen sizes and devices increases the likelihood that users will stick around longer and navigate deeper into your site. The longer your visitors are on your site, the greater chance that they will make a purchase, click on a promotion, fill out a quote form, etc.

Increased SEO

Arguably the most important benefit of a responsive website is how it affects ranking factors for the major search engines. Google prefers web domains that are mobile-friendly, so having a single site that looks great to all users is a great boost for your site’s SEO.